Conversations with Mary

...a compelling and haunting tragedy... heart-wrenching monologues ... brilliantly interpreted ... Mary Tynan brings poignancy to the anguished role of Máire.

Siobhan Tatton, Irish World

Down Bottle Alley

Whether playing Brian's hopelessly inadequate and in denial mother, a prostitute Brian met and shared dreams with on the streets of London or his crestfallen first wife - robbed by Brian of her last pound - Mary Tynan excelled. As the female Alcoholic in Bottle Alley however she was superb.

Tony May, Hastings Town

A Galway Girl/A Belfast Boy

Moving stories in an Irish odyssey

BEFORE the action got under way, one wondered how a cast of only two actors could bring these entirely different stories to life. However, once the lights were dimmed such fears were assuaged as we were transported to the less than happy home of Dermot and Maisie as they told the story of their troubled marriage in Geraldine Aron’s A Galway Girl. Mary Tynan and Chris Paddon managed to make the amusing yet tragic tale realistic without being dull. It was easy to believe that the story probably takes place in homes everywhere.

John Dunne’s A Belfast Boy moved the night to a central Belfast hotel where Dave and Annie, a pair of one-time teenage sweethearts from very different backgrounds were now reunited after many years. The dialogue flowed seamlessly and both actors slipped into their new roles without a hint of regard for Dermot and Maisie.

Both productions are engaging, amusing and left the audience with a lot to think about.

Conor Sheils, Camden New Journal

Statements After an Arrest Under the Immorality Act

It is the small-mindedness of the bureaucracy that continues to amaze, even today, something which is brought into sharp focus by the statements of Detective du Preez (Mary Tynan).....the performances all round are solid and effective.....

Michael Spring, Remote Goat

Regent's Canal- A Folk Opera

Mary Tynan (Bridie).....bring(s) a romantic, flirtatious element to the proceedings.

Ken McLoone, Remote Goat